Human Right Policy

Hitron complies with globally acknowledged principles including UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work, International Labor Conventions, and Global Sullivan Principles, takes actions in line with Code of Conduct of Responsible Business Alliance and local laws and regulations in all countries and regions where we operate to protect human rights of our employees.

At the policy level, Hitron has defined internal regulations such as “Work Rules”, “Employee Manual”, “Recruiting & Staffing Management”, “Sexual Harassment Prevention”, and “Anti Workplace Bullying” management policies to ensure employees are properly looked after. Mainly we focus on below Human Rights protection guiding principles:

1. Freely chosen employment and equal employment opportunity.
2. Eliminate unlawful discrimination.
3. Abolish child labor.
4. Prohibit from forced labor.
5. Provide a safe and healthy working environment.
6. Support the physical and psychological well-being of employees.
7. Value suggestions and opinions of employees and communicate effectively.
8. Regularly review and evaluate relevant practices.

Hitron Technologies Inc. Supplier and Subcontract Code of Conduct has been formulated as well to expand our influence to suppliers.