Major Shareholders

ShareholdersTotal Shares OwnedHolding Percentage
Alpha Networks Inc.200,000,00060.79%
Standard Chartered International Commercial Bank’s business department is entrusted with the pear tree Polaris foreign value small capital fund investment account4,308,8001.31%
Fubon Life Insurance Co., Ltd.3,265,0000.99%
Davis Cheng2,925,9860.89%
Dai-Ying Yang1,170,0000.36%
Wen-Feng Liu1,085,8010.33%
American JPMorgan Chase is entrusted with custodial JP Morgan Securities Investment Account1,021,5100.31%
Wen-Yu Qiu806,4770.25%
Amy Liu742,7020.23%
Hui-Li Zang516,5070.16%


NOTE:13th April. 2021.