Unleash your Wi-Fi

Best-in-Class Cloud Whole-Home Network Management Solution

Hitron offers a full solution of cloud-based platform and app, to manage gateways, extenders, and intelligent diagnostic tools, providing you and your subscribers the intuitive, intelligent tools needed to self-serve and self-manage broadband and Wi-Fi services in the home.


Cloud Whole-Home Network Management Solution with over 880K Connected Devices Worldwide

HitronCloud is a cloud-based platform that drives a fully-integrated service delivery solution that leverages Machine Learning, AI and Big Data to provide real time visibility to the health of the IP network, HFC plant, in-home wiring, Wi-Fi, and health of the CPE hardware/firmware connected to the whole home network. These gathered insights, coupled with our management software solutions, make installation, service activation and repair efficient and best-in-class for the customer’s experience.

Network WiFi managment software HitronCloud