Faster-to-Market with Scalability

HitronCloud is a integrated solution with cloud-based platform and app for home network management, supporting Hitron devices such as cable gateway and extender, and providing self-healing, self-configuring and self-managing for home Wi-Fi network.

Only sold through Service Providers

End-to-End Visibility




Operator Tools

Intelligent Optimizations

Proactive Reporting

Integrated Smart Whole-Home Solution

HitronCloud provides CSRs and field technicians with real-time visibility into the home network to analyze problems and recommended solutions.


HitronCloud Features


Our SpeedTest uses patented technology to measure actual end-to-end broadband and Wi-Fi throughput simultaneously to identify performance bottlenecks. It isolates problems outside and inside the home without requiring software on the device.


Continuously measures Wi-Fi throughput to identify coverage dead spots and create home surveys to assist with the installation of Wi-Fi extenders.

Industry Standard Wi-Fi CERTIFIED EasyMesh

HitronCloud is Wi-Fi Easymesh certificated, providing flexibility to connected with compatible devices and optimization for Wi-Fi configuration, to unleash the Wi-Fi performance.

Home Network Topology

Summarize home Wi-Fi topology to let end user more clear for Wi-Fi health and status.