Our Commitment

Sustainable development is the eternal goal pursued by all countries and enterprises in the world today. Hitron introduced CSR Committee in 2019 and was committed to promote corporate social responsibility related activities. Establish the ESG Committee in 2021. Internal implementation, based on the three elements of economy, society and environment, expand the environment into “sustainable products”, “sustainable operation” and “sustainable supply chain”, plus social aspects of “social responsibility” and economic- “corporate governance” of the aspect has five aspects to promote sustainable management related projects, and formulate management performance indicators for each aspect.

Hitron ESG Committee
In order to smoothly promote various affairs of corporate sustainable development and ensure that the opinions of all stakeholders can be communicated and responded. Hitron integrated relevant departments to establish the ESG Committee in 2021 to systematically implementing sustainable development.
For work related to sustainable development, the general manager, Mr. Chiu, serves as president, and the heads of various departments serve as members of various aspects. The director general is responsible for coordinating and promoting cross-departmental corporate sustainable development affairs. Progress of CSR reporting, and report to the board of directors on a regular basis every year on the identification of major themes and management results of the year.
Based on the company’s actual situation, the ESG Committee will set short- and medium-term goals and long-term goals for the next five years in five dimensions in 2021, and establish “people-oriented, creating a happy and inclusive workplace” as the main axis of ESG implementation in the next five years.