Our Commitment

Hitron values corporate social responsibility as what we realized for the society. To implement corporate social responsibility systematically, we established a Corporate Social Responsibility committee in 2018 and regularly report the interaction among stakeholders and business. In addition to solving the issues that stakeholders care about, Hitron also safeguards their rights and interests.

Corporate social responsibility should cover the interests of all stakeholders, and make the society better. Hitron is engaged in the network industry and provides employees with a safe and comfortable workplace. In addition, we consider social contribution and environmental protection as part of CSR to strengthen communication between stakeholders and us. The following are our 10 principles for practicing corporate social responsibility:


  1. Adhere to integrity and honesty to shareholders, employees, customers and the general public.
  2. Obey the law and act in accordance with the law.
  3. Do not seek favoritism from the government or any government official, and we do not pay bribes.
  4. Balance the interests of shareholders, employees, and all stakeholders of the company.
  5. Do not participate in politics.
  6. Provide high-quality job opportunities in a safe, comfortable, and intellectually challenging workplace, so that our employees are physically comfortable and mentally stimulated.
  7. In response to climate change, we attach importance to and keep implementing environmental protection measures.
  8. Emphasize and reward innovation, and actively manage the risks that innovation may bring.
  9. Invest in green energy businesses including solid-state lighting and solar energy to contribute to environmental protection.
  10. We support educational and cultural activities, and are active in the community.