Hitron Wins the Silver Award in the 2022 TSAA [Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards]


Hitron Wins the Silver Award in the 2022 TSAA
[Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards]

Hitron Technologies Inc.TWSE: 2419 August 12, 2022 – Hitron (2419), a leading provider of broadband access network products and solutions, has won the silver award in the 2022 TSAA [Taiwan Sustainability Action Awards].  Taiwan Sustainable Energy Research Foundation established the ‘TSAA Taiwan Sustainability Action Award” to implement the spirit of the United Nations “17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) with concrete actions and this is held in conjunction with the first “Asia-Pacific Sustainable Action Expo and Summit” to commend sustainable model enterprises.


Patrick Chiu, President of Hitron Technologies Inc. said that in order to fulfill the company’s responsibility to customers and the society, and to protect and contribute to the environment, Hitron is fully committed to promoting products that meets customers ‘environmental protection requirements by promoting green product design and production, implementing waste management and recycling and reuse. At Hitron, we believe environmental friendliness is the foundation for the sustainable development of enterprises; it is only under the premise of environmental sustainability can enterprises ensure their continuity goals both enduring existence and progressive development.


In the process of implementing Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Hitron began from the eco-friendly perspective of product design, adhering to the SDGs goal 12 “Responsible Consumption and Production” initiative, while reducing resource consumption, indirectly reducing greenhouse gas emissions and make a modest contribution to achieving net-zero emissions globally by 2050. Thus, Hitron established the “Product Packaging Reduction” task force which clearly grasped the carbon emissions in each process of the product design and production, by “light-weighting” the packaging of each products, which not only reduces consumables, but also reduces carbon emissions during transportation. The project until 2021, has delivered a total of 4 models which are re-designed reduce packaging, achieving weight reduction ranging from 13.7% to 43.1% (average weight reduction is about 25.21%) which is equivalent to reducing carbon emissions by 75.05 metric tons.


We believe that the sustainable development of an enterprise begins from a very small action, and then gather more power like accumulating sand into a tower. Packaging reduction is just the beginning. We will continue to promote SDGs related action plans, implementing corporate social responsibility, and work together with the citizens of the world to create a friendlier and more inclusive environment, so as to realize the sustainable development of enterprises and society. Hitron also published its first “Sustainability Report” in June 2022, revealing our company’s promotional measures and performance in various aspects of Environment (E), Society (S) and Governance (G).

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