Hitron Showcases Full Duplex DOCSIS™ Momentum with Joint Cisco Demo at Cable-Tec Expo


Centennial, CO – October 13, 2017 – Hitron Technologies Inc., the fastest growing DOCSIS® customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, will showcase its family of modems, along with Cisco’s full duplex DOCSIS 3.1 interference group capabilities. Through this demo operators can learn how 3.0 modems can work on the same network as FDX DOCSIS 3.1 modems. The two companies are participating in Cable-Tec Expo in Denver, Oct. 17 through 20.

The use of full duplex (FDX) in modems utilizing DOCSIS technology provides broadband providers a platform on which to deploy multi-gigabit upstream speeds. It also extends the effective life of existing fiber coax plant by enabling it to deliver fiber-like Internet access speeds.

As part of the demo, Hitron will showcase its CODA family of modems. These modems are ideal choices for cable operators who want to offer future-proof connectivity without having to sacrifice downstream spectrum as is the case today. Hitron CODA-45 models feature a 5-85 MHz fixed front end and multiple GigE ports (depending on the model), among other features. The CODA-47 versions may be switched to 204MHz high split enabling upstream speeds to 1Gbps.

Cisco will demonstrate a total of seven cable modems based on the Intel Puma SoC. With FDX DOCSIS, networks can support simultaneous, bi-directional transmissions across the same spectrum. To achieve this, interference between FDX transmission must be mitigated, otherwise upstream signal may interfere with other cable modems that are receiving data downstream from the same frequency. FDX DOCSIS resolves this by grouping modems into interference groups. Modems in different IGs have enough RF isolation to allow clean upstream and downstream transmission on the same frequency.

“Broadband providers have long been looking for ways to increase upstream throughput without sacrificing downstream spectrum. Full duplex provides the advantage of driving fiber deeper into the neighborhood while utilizing existing coax for the final service delivery.” said Greg Fisher, CTO for Hitron Technologies Americas. “This saves service providers much of the cost that would be incurred for fiber to the home, while delivering multi-gigabit speeds to customers.”

Visit Hitron at Cable-Tec Expo Booth #395 to learn more.