Hitron launches first-of-its-kind low cost DOCSIS signal sensor


Designed for self-installation packages, the DSS-01 Coax Cable Tester enables subscribers to easily verify a coax outlet before calling tech support

Centennial, CO – January 7, 2021 – Hitron Technologies, the fastest growing DOCSIS customer premise equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, today announced the DSS-01 DOCSIS Coax Cable Tester, a low cost diagnostic tool designed to streamline self-installations. While cable service technicians have long carried professional signal meters, the DSS-01 is the industry’s first signal tester priced and designed to be included with every subscriber self-installation package.


A subscriber simply plugs the DSS-01 into a coaxial outlet and presses the button. Within ten seconds, the sensor’s LEDs will show whether the outlet is receiving a valid RF signal or not (as easy as ‘green is good, red is bad’). This simple diagnostic will reduce the number of self-install support calls and unnecessary truck rolls.


Today, the only way to test if there is signal at the RF outlet is either by plugging in a cable modem or by using an expensive technician meter. When a subscriber plugs in the cable modem and it doesn’t come online, they will most likely call support right away to schedule a professional installation. This decreases the potential OPEX savings of a self-installation, in addition to causing a poor initial experience. The DSS-01 can be easily moved from outlet to outlet and provides rapid results, thus encouraging subscribers to check the signal at every outlet.


“Through our discussions with cable operators, we know there is a need for a tool like the DSS-01 and we’re committed to helping operators simplify and improve the self-installation experience. At the same time, we are recognizing multiple use cases beyond self-installations and are excited to pursue additional opportunities too,” said Samih Abdelgadir, Vice President of Product Development at Hitron Technologies Americas.


The low cost and simplicity of the DSS-01 can make it an ideal tool for home builders and technicians. Home builders can easily check if the fittings are good, wiring is properly terminated, and that the customer does not have ingress or egress noise as part of the home inspection for a new build. Technicians can test all coaxial outlets at the customer premise to find the best location for the modem, while simultaneously performing other tasks like installing TV service or a home phone.


Key features:

  • Scans the downstream signal from 88MHz-1Ghz in 20 segments looking for consistent power across four consecutive channels
  • Supports over 100 scans with a single AAA battery
  • 75Ω F-quick plug
  • Simple one-button activation
  • Easy-to-read green/red LEDs

About Hitron Technologies

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