Get Rid of Weak Wi-Fi Once and For All

February 18, 2021

A weak Wi-Fi signal means weak Wi-Fi. When you boost your Wi-Fi signal, your overall Wi-Fi coverage and performance improves. If you want to get rid of your weak Wi-Fi signal once and for all try these tips.

How to Fix a Weak Wi-Fi Signal

Fix your weak Wi-Fi signal with these tips:

  1. Move your router or cable gateway closer to your devices. Make sure they are central in the home.
  2. Check your router’s frequency. If your router​ ​use both the 2.4 GHz and the 5 GHz, you can either switch to 5GHz frequency for better performance or switch to 2.4GHz network for better coverage.
  3. Change the channel on your router. Too many devices connected to the same channel causes congestion. This slows your Wi-Fi way down. Try switching the router to a less congested channel.
  4. Upgrade your router hardware. If your router (or cable gateway) is outdated, your Wi-Fi connection will suffer. Consider upgrading to get better network performance.
  5. Use a Wi-Fi extender to boost the Wi-Fi coverage in your home. This means no more weak signals so that you have reliable Wi-Fi once and for all.

For more about cable modems, cable gateway, Wi-Fi extender and MoCA technology, check out Hitron’s Learn Page. By simply using ARIA2210 Wi-Fi Extender in your home, you can get rid of weak signals and enhance your Wi-Fi connection and Internet experience in every corner of your home.

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