Wireless DOCSIS 3.1 Meter App

ProMeter app for iOS and Android

Transform and empower your technicians with Hitron’s ProMeter app (iOS/Android). Technicians can perform their own analysis and fine tune diagnostic results displayed on their existing easy-to-carry smartphone or tablet. ProMeter provides powerful, detailed insights such as Wi-Fi connection status, upstream/downstream, spectrum, channel scan, MER, Flux, QAM analysis, OFDM, Ingress, Ping, Noise, and Traceroute.
Only bundled with CGN-DP3 DOCSIS 3.1 Wireless Dual Band Coax Network Meter
ONT Fiber Optic Modem | NOVA-2002 | Hitron

Diagnostics Delivered to Your Existing Mobile Device

All diagnostic readings from the CGN-DP3 is displayed on Hitron’s handy mobile app ProMeter, compatible with your technician’s existing, easy-to-carry smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android).


Detailed Graphical Diagnostics and Analysis in Real-time

ProMeter features graphical representation of diagnostic results with high-contrast display, adjustable for low-light and high-lighting conditions for easy viewing. Pinch and zoom capabilities instantly react to give more details on the display.


  • Spectrum Analysis
  • Channel Scan
  • QAM Constellation and Level Monitoring
  • Upstream Equalization
  • BER and MER
  • Initialization and Provisioning Status
  • Flux
  • Ingress
  • Channel Plan
  • OFDM
  • Ping and Traceroute
  • Firmware Upgrade


Quickly Find Signal Noise and Reduce Operating Costs

Quit chasing upstream noise. Hitron’s powerful combination of the CGN-DP3 DOCSIS meter and ProMeter app enable the technician to see signal signatures coming out of every house. This means you can pin point which house is the source of noise and fix it immediately, saving you precious time and resources.


Eliminate Multiple Service Calls and Unnecessary Truck Rolls

Fixing it right the first time is the goal that all service operators strive for. ProMeter, coupled with Hitron’s CGN-DP3 DOCSIS meter, provide a powerful toolset for technicians to accurately troubleshoot, pin-point and resolve issues on the spot using our sophisticated diagnostic analysis. Streamline your operations and avoid repeat or unnecessary truck rolls by being proactive on every dispatch.

Key Specifications

  • Spectrum = real time measure RF with or without cable modem sync
  • Channel scan = measures and calculates Annex A and B digital signals
  • DOCSIS = signal levels and MER for downstream and upstream channels
  • Flux = finds invisible cable problems through spectrum scan
  • QAM Analysis = digital channel constellation map
  • OFDM = displays full spectrum plot of OFDM carrier, power levels and error rates
  • Ingress = finds and troubleshoot ingress noise
  • Pressure tester
  • Leak view
  • Ping = measures packets sent, received and lost, latency and jitter
  • Traceroute = runs traceroutes to IP addresses showing the path taken
  • Noise = tracks noise at amplifier test points and plant passives
  • Downstream alignment = balances and aligns Low/High Tilt, Reference and Raw spectrum
  • Upstream alignment = balances and aligns Low/High Tilt, Reference and Raw spectrum
  • Firmware upgrade = firmware upgrade done via normal DOCSIS upgrade standards
  • Channel plan = channel plans are created, managed and loaded on HitronCloud Technician can load the channel plan to focus on based on region/city
  • US Signal generator = Node Transmitter Optimization
  • Loss Calculator

Transform and empower your technicians with Hitron’s ProMeter app (iOS/Android).