Hitron’s CGNV5-U, The First OpenSync Certified Plume Enabled DOCSIS 3.0 Wi-Fi 6 Gateway Using Maxlinear Puma 6 Solution


Hitron Technologies Inc.TWSE: 2419 May 24, 2023 – Hitron (2419),

By using the total solution from Maxlinear’s Puma 6 DOCSIS 3.0 and Wav654 WiFi 6 SoCs, the CGNV5-U is powered with Plume’s enablement. This not only allows the end users to have the ultimate experience through vivid features such as Wi-Fi self-optimization, an easy-to-use app for customers to manage their Wi-Fi networks and smart devices, and the blazing speed of Wi-Fi 6, but also enables operators to provide proactive support, real-time visibility into subscriber satisfaction, and more.

The CGNV5-U has the capacity to receive 960Mbps over its DOCSIS 3.0 interface with 24 x 8 bonded channels. The integrated 2.4G 2×2 with 802.11ax + 5GHz 2×2 with 802.11ax dual band MU-MIMO access point significantly improves customer experience extending range and coverage with blazing speeds up to Giga speed.

With OpenSync® certification in place, The CGNV5-U is expected to assist CSO in convenient device management and enhance services with existing hardware units. It will dynamically adjust to the optimal network configuration, providing users with a more powerful, stable, and higher-quality home network experience, ultimately satisfying the demands of network service providers and end-users.

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