Hitron and Nimble This Offer Advanced Proactive Network Management Solution


Combined Solution to be Demonstrated at SCTE Cable-Tec Expo

Centennial, CO – September 14, 2016 – Hitron Americas Technologies Inc., the fastest-growing DOCSIS consumer premises equipment (CPE) manufacturer in North America, and Nimble This, a leading developer of proactive network management (PNM) solutions for telecommunications providers, are offering an advanced PNM product that will track down network signal problems before they become an issue for consumers.

Currently cable operators spend significant resources locating plant impairments. A large number of these plant impairments are RF noise related. A major issue for cable operators is identifying the source of return path noise. Between 85% and 95% of all noise in the cable plant originates from the subscriber home or the drop to the home. A single home can emit a large amount of noise into the return path ruining the quality of experience (QoE) for every subscriber on that same upstream. When this occurs it becomes mission critical for the cable operator to quickly find and fix the source of the upstream ingress restoring high quality data service to subscribers.

Using embedded spectrum analysis modules (ESAMs) like Hitron’s CMS-02, placed in fiber nodes and on other line gear, operators can collect network data that is fed to Nimble This’ data aggregation and collection hardware and software in the headend. The Nimble This PNM solutions analyze the pre-equalization data in cable modems to locate outside plant impairments to within 50 feet or less before dispatching a technician.

“This solution helps techs spend less time finding the problem and gives them more time to fix it. For very little investment, service providers can cut the cost of troubleshooting up to 80% by giving techs more explicit directions to the impairment,” said Greg Fisher, CTO, Hitron Americas. “By pairing Hitron and Nimble This technologies, remediation time is cut as are operating expenses, and customer satisfaction is improved,” he added.

Key benefits of the combined PNM solution include:

  • Locating network impairments prior to dispatching a technician
  • Identifying locations of network impairments in minutes rather than hours
  • Interactive map showing location of modems and level of impairment
  • Lower maintenance costs resulting from automation of network impairment detection

“I am very excited to integrate the CMS-02 into the Nimble This PNM application as it provides tremendous value to the cable operator to quickly find and fix the impairment and adding further value by reducing their maintenance costs. Also this integration provides insight into upstream and downstream not previously viewable,” said Brady Volpe, founder, Nimble This.

The combined solution will be on display at the SCTE Cable-Tec Expo in Hitron’s Booth #461.

About Hitron Technologies

Hitron Technologies Inc. was founded in 1989 and is the parent company of Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. Today, Hitron designs, manufactures and ships more than three million DOCSIS products annually to MSOs worldwide, which support both residential and business-class applications. Its products include state-of-the art modems, voice & application gateways for home and business and network monitoring equipment. For more information, visit https://us.hitrontech.com/

About Nimble This

Nimble This LLC is the leading developer of advanced proactive network maintenance (PNM) solutions for cable operators worldwide. As a contributing member to the CableLabs® InGeNeOs™ working group focused on PNM technologies, Nimble This is focused on bringing the latest advances in network monitoring solutions using advanced algorithms to provide cable operators with powerful, cost effective troubleshooting solutions. We help cable operators make money by saving money. Nimble This is headquartered in Johns Creek, GA. For more information, see: nimble-this.com