Execulink Partners with Clearcable, Hitron, and RocNet to Deliver Enhanced Hybrid Fibre Services to Cable Communities


(Woodstock, ON) September 25, 2020 – Execulink Telecom, one of the leading telecommunications providers in Ontario, has upgraded its current coax infrastructure and invested in new and improved Hybrid Fibre technology across its own existing cable network. The company collaborated with Clearcable, Hitron Technologies Inc., and RocNet Supply to execute network upgrades, with the shared objective of delivering reliable, high-speed, enhanced broadband services to local communities. 

“The strategic decision for collaboration was driven by the need to provide our customers with the awesome telecom experience they deserve,” says Ian Stevens, President and CEO of Execulink Telecom. “This suite of partnerships was built on a shared commitment to deliver significant value to our communities. The goal is to ensure our customers have a smooth transition to their new services with access to faster Internet speeds and a more modern TV experience.”

The project brings together four specialized service and support providers, integrating Execulink’s deep commitment to deliver seamless connectivity and significant value to their customers. Allen Licata, Network Solutions Specialist, and Matt Bernardi, Network Engineering for RocNet Supply, were responsible for the DOCSIS engineering and cutover assistance for the project.

“Execulink was an ideal candidate for the Distributed Access Architecture product from Casa, due to their existing optical and HFC network, and the demand for high speed data and video services to their customers,” shares Licata. “Working with their exceptional team, RocNet was able to help design and implement a costeffective solution to meet the needs of Execulink’s expanding next-gen network.”

On the partnership, Greg Fisher, President of Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. says, “We are excited Execulink selected Hitron for its next-gen Broadband and WiFi services with our high powered Wireless Gateways, WiFi extenders, and supporting software suite of tools for both operator and customer. With Execulink, we’ve found a partner that is focused on delivering the latest technologies that enable the premium experience for both consumer and business services.”

Execulink also leveraged expertise and software from Clearcable to improve the company’s operational facilities and DOCSIS network. “We are grateful to have played a part of Execulink’s Hybrid Fibre project that utilized Clearcable’s PNM software tool, Cartograph. Clearcable’s PNM tool Cartograph was built together with our partners so that they can proactively resolve issues that are important to them,” shares Insik Lee, Clearcable’s Director of Software Development. “Execulink’s goal of providing a reliable and enhanced telecom experience to their communities aligns with Clearcable’s goal of providing better broadband to all communities. We look
forward to continued projects and success with Execulink.”

Jon Burgess, Network Administrator at Execulink Telecom, says “Working with our partners at Hitron, Clearcable, and RocNet to migrate our HFC to a modern, 100% RPHY DOCSIS 3.1 solution, we were able to rely on our combined industry experience to overcome the complex situations that tend to come with such a large migration. This partnership allowed for consistent support, allowing us to build a modern network which will provide the speeds and experience our customers deserve for years to come.”

Hybrid Fibre Internet refers to its delivery method, which uses a combination of fibre optics and coaxial cable. The Internet connection is delivered over state-of-the-art fibre optic lines to the neighbourhood, with coaxial cable running directly to the home. To learn more about this project, please visit execulink.ca/cable-upgrade.

About Execulink Telecom
In operation since 1904, Execulink Telecom has evolved from a small independent local telephone company into one of the leading telecommunications providers in Ontario. Through innovation and forward-thinking, the telecom provider has cultivated what began as local telephony offerings to provide a full-scale suite of telecommunications services including data, internet, television, mobility, and advanced voice features. These services are available to all levels of industry, encompassing 50,000 business, enterprise, government, and
residential customers.

About Clearcable
Clearcable™ is a specialized telecommunications technical consulting firm focused on the needs of service providers by developing new business revenue streams, maintaining existing infrastructure, and proposing new advancements in telecommunications sectors globally. Clearcable™ provides assessment and strategy consulting, complex network architecture and high-level design, logical and physical design, implementation and network deployments, cabling, project management, training and ongoing network management and support services.

About Hitron Technologies
Hitron Technologies is changing the way the world works, plays and connects. With a growing count of eight first-to-market DOCSIS launches and powering DOCSIS 3.0 24×8, 32×8, and DOCSIS 3.1 deployments, Hitron has shipped over 40 million DOCSIS units to customers worldwide. Our leadership in broadband and Wi-Fi technology, combined with our vertically integrated manufacturing services, enable us to continually push the envelope of what’s possible and deliver custom, cost-effective and scalable solutions. Hitron Technologies Americas Inc. is a subsidiary of Hitron Technologies and is based in Centennial, Colorado. To learn more about Hitron Technologies Americas, visit www.hitron-americas.com.

About RocNet Supply
RocNet Supply is a premier provider of network equipment and services. We primarily service broadband, fiber and network infrastructure organizations by offering new, used and Certified Pre-Owned networking equipment and associated services. We work with our customers to help save 80-90% off manufacturer list prices, reduce maintenance costs and eliminate long lead times from OEMs. RocNet Supply is more than just an equipment provider. We will work with you to help design the best overall solution for your project, no matter how big or
small. Our team of salespeople and engineers have a wealth of knowledge and experience that will be put to work for you. We also can provide a variety of consulting, engineering, and customized asset management services that complement our product offerings.