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Wi-Fi extenders are designed to improve your Wi-Fi signal coverage. When your Wi-Fi signal is strong and your whole home is covered, your Internet performs better. So, yes, Wi-Fi extenders improve your Internet. Here’s how Wi-Fi extenders work:


How Wi-Fi extenders work

There are two types of Wi-Fi extender: Wi-Fi repeaters and Wi-Fi range extenders.

The difference between the 2 types of extenders is the way they re-broadcast your existing network signal.

A repeater re-broadcast the same quality of signal that they receive over Wi-Fi; A range extender re-broadcast the same quality of signal that they receive over wire.

Both devices sit between your router and the hard-to-reach area of your home and provide additional signal power to extend coverage.

Mesh Wi-Fi is completely different than the rest, even though it is also a booster that improves your Internet. Mesh Wi-Fi has a smart client and nodes management system to avoid interference and noise from neighborhood and weather.


How these Wi-Fi extender improve your Internet

Wi-Fi extender can do more to improve your Internet than just extend your signal’s reach. By filling in dead spots, they help improve speed. Your Wi-Fi signal is directly related to Wi-Fi speed. So, when your signal is strong and reaches every corner of your home, your Internet performance improves as a result.

Using a combo wired/wireless Wi-Fi extender is a win-win solution. This is because it leverages the speed and reliability of a wired connection to reach a far corner of the home. Combo booster devices use your home’s existing wiring to extend the home network. For example, coaxial cable wiring for MoCA-based devices.

It can be hard for a single Wi-Fi router to cover an entire home with a fast and robust wireless signal. But with Hitron’s offerings of Wi-Fi Extenders supporting your router, you can stream video, online game, and browse the web easily no matter where you are. Hitron’s offerings work with Ethernet, MoCA, or Wi-Fi. Ask your Internet service provider (ISP) about Hitron’s Wi-Fi extenders to improve your Internet today. Want more like this? Check out Hitron’s Learn Page.

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