Wi-Fi 6 is gateway tool to hybrid model

May 26, 2022

Reference to WiFi Alliance, The Beacon Blog: The emergence of the hybrid world with Wi-Fi 6

With the end of the pandemic on the horizon, we all are gradually shifting from a remote setup to the hybrid model of work, study and play, a flexible combination of remote and on-premises.

Wi-Fi 6 most prominent hybrid scenarios :

  • Hybrid learning
    Wi-Fi 6 has the power to connect 1,024 simultaneous users in a secure environment.
  • Hybrid workplace
    Wi-Fi 6 offers features such as Multi-user multiple input, multiple output (MU-MIMO) and strong WPA3™ security for both organizations and employees.
  • Hybrid healthcare
    Wi-Fi 6 provides seamless connectivity for online diagnostic imaging, Wi-Fi data, video/remote consultations with easy access to the patient’s records and report.
  • Hybrid events and conferences
    Wi-Fi 6 allows for greater capacity, efficiency, and performance to ensure seamless telecasting of live-streamed sessions.
  • Hybrid retail
    Wi-Fi 6 allows new shopping behavior in opportune times with technologies such as digital mirrors, O2O which require seamless data connectivity and simple, easy to manage network solutions with minimal operational issues.


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