Improve Your Customer Wi-Fi Experience Without Maxing Your Resources

September 13, 2022

Improving your customers’ Wi-Fi experience doesn’t have to require maxing out your resources. In fact, there are ways for you to do more for your customers with less. Which is great news, especially during the current times when resources feel thin, but the demand continues to grow.


Pressures on Resources

Most Service Providers are experiencing unprecedented subscriber growth due to the continued work from home environment we are in. The growth is good news, but it can also create real challenges and make you feel stretched to support these new subscribers and new demand in services, for things like:

  • Operational resources
  • Limited Support staff and Field Technicians
  • Lack of budget to spend in hiring
  • Training staff
  • Employing new staff

So, how do you do this?


A Smarter Solution

You need to pivot where you allocate resources now so you can provide more (and better) services sooner for your customers. A smarter answer to these problems is Hitron’s Home Network Management solution.  It’s the key to handling subscriber growth and providing self-serve features and services to keep up with that growth.

To be able to “do more with less”, there are three key areas that need to be the focus:

  1. Self-installation
  2. In-home managed Wi-Fi with self-management & optimization
  3. Self-help troubleshooting of Internet connectivity & the home network


A Home Network Management solution like Hitron’s cloud-based proactive home solution uses powerful Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to optimize the home network and its connected devices’ performance.

Hitron’s Home Management solution enables:

  • Enables Self-installation
  • Enables Self-healing networks & Wi-Fi optimization
  • Reduces in-bound calling for your Support team because it proactively heals the network
  • Allows customers to manage their own home networks and connected devices
  • Helps Technical Support make informed decisions when troubleshooting the home network with the data insights provided by the solution.


Hitron’s solution includes three key components:

  • MyHitron App
  • OptiMy
  • Hitron Cloud


Benefits of Home Network Management

Each component is designed to work together:

End users use the MyHitron App, which pair with OptiMy and HitronCloud for your Customer Support teams to have visibility into the WiFi troubles to resolve quickly if a call is required.

Everything in the Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is designed to enhance your customers’ experience as well as your ability to provide them with more. The MyHitron App can be branded with your own brand, which reinforces their trust with you and your brand. The app allows your users to self-install and gives them access to other controls and configurations, which reduces unnecessary truck rolls for you, saving valuable resources. Whereas other Managed Wi-Fi solutions may disguise themselves as a Self-Install solution, but in most cases, they are unable to provide the modem, router or gateway to establish basic broadband service, hence causing a truck roll anyways.


Visibility into the Home Network

OptiMy allows your Support team visibility into your subscribers’ network to get ahead of any potential issues Hitron’s Home Network Management system leverages AI and ML to optimize customer’s home networks and connected devices for top broadband performance throughout the entire home. See the status of:

  • Access Points and Extenders
  • Speed Tests
  • SSID information of last reboot
  • And more!

This reduces the volume of in-bound trouble calls, trouble tickets and truck rolls needed so you can focus your resources on more important priorities.

The constant learning and optimization provide you with insights into your customers’ home network and broadband connectivity so you can make informed decisions for future planning. These insights also allow you to provide services to your customers who may need a speed upgrade, a router replaced or an extender that will help them with the best performance from their broadband.


Guided Self-Healing

With the MyHitron App, your customers can choose guided troubleshooting so they can resolve issues themselves, such as:

  • Slow speeds
  • Connectivity problems
  • Cannot browse
  • Configuration issues

They are then shown the most relevant diagnostics and recommendations to fix the problem.


Hardware Agnostic

Hitron’s Home Network Management solution is an all-encompassing solution that is hardware-agnostic, cloud-based to provide flexibility to leverage APIs to interface with backend systems down the road, increase customer satisfaction, produce immediate cost savings by reducing calls and truck rolls.


Operational Savings

This solution will enable you to increase revenues, reduce operational costs, reduce customer churn, and increase customer satisfaction. All of this translates to increased revenues and lower costs, or increased profit.


Hitron Offers Smarter Solutions for You

Hitron is dedicated to helping you capture new opportunities using smarter solutions that provide Adaptive Whole Home Wi-Fi and …… Contact our friendly team to find out more.

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