Wireless Gateway


The Hitron CCR-30364 delivers speeds of up to 400Mbps (8x4) with eight bonded downstream channels over its DOCSIS interface. The integrated four-port Gigabit Ethernet switch and Wi-Fi 802.11n Access Point enable easy home networking.

The CCR-30364’s SSID and Ethernet port bridging capability (in routing mode) allow straight-forward connection between the back-end and Set-Top Boxes in the end user's home or place of business.

The CCR-30364 supports the full IPv4 routing features as well as full support for IPv6 routing and firewall. The CCR-30364 supports both DSLite as well as 6RD for different IPv6 deployment and transition strategies.

The CCR-30364 supports pre-configured and pre-enabled Wi-Fi security via Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS), allowing the end-user to rapidly set up a secure wireless network without manual configuration.

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One USB 2.0 host, supporting Network Attached Storage (NAS) functionality
802.11n Wi-Fi Access Point with 2x2 internal antennas
1. Supports 8 SSIDs
2. Individual configuration for each SSID (security, bridging, routing, firewall
and WiFi parameters)
Integrated DLNA Media Server with support for video, audio and images
Extensive operator control via configuration file and SNMP
Low power support enables the CCR-30364 to go into low-power mode without losing connection to the CMTS

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